NBA’s Last Two Minutes: Pt. 1

NBA’s last two minute report

Traveling is called incorrectly 45% of the time. However, personal and shooting fouls have the most frequency and are called the most accurate. Defensive 3 seconds is incorrectly called 64% of the time! In other words, they aren’t watching….

Player NameNumber of ReviewsCorrectly Called %
Hassan Whiteside11682%
Russell Westbrook12083%
Marcin Gortat21183%
James Harden15084%
Rudy Gobert14685%
Andre Drummond13685%
Markieff Morris10285%
Blake Griffin10286%
Brook Lopez14986%
Robin Lopez12387%
Excluded players with less than 100 reviewed calls

LeBron James was #17 overall, with 151 reviewed calls, with an 88% accuracy. The average accuracy for players with 100 reviewed calls or more was 92% with a median of 90%.

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