Great Expect… Failures

The Los Angeles Clippers are another example of a team with high expectations and even self hype and promotion, without accomplishing anything substantial. Here is a short list of teams that came to mind when thinking about totally overblown confidence. 2011 Philadelphia Eagles - The Eagles made splash in free agency that year, seemingly loading… Continue reading Great Expect… Failures

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Scoring 50 in the NBA – Everything you need to know

We (and yes, I am including you) have been starving for the NBA to come back, willing it to take any form. Straight to the playoffs, group play, 72-game season, whatever, bring it back now. We will take it. The quality of play may be questionable, but let's not pretend that the NBA's worst is… Continue reading Scoring 50 in the NBA – Everything you need to know


George McCloud, a three point pioneer

The three-pointer has gone from gimmick to a staple to the NBA. The youth of today are modeling their games after sharp shooters like Steph Curry and James Harden. Just look at the below charts illustrated below with the average three pointers attempted and made per game year by year in the NBA. Its growth… Continue reading George McCloud, a three point pioneer