NBA’s Last Two Minutes: Pt. 1

NBA's last two minute report Traveling is called incorrectly 45% of the time. However, personal and shooting fouls have the most frequency and are called the most accurate. Defensive 3 seconds is incorrectly called 64% of the time! In other words, they aren't watching.... Player NameNumber of ReviewsCorrectly Called %Hassan Whiteside11682%Russell Westbrook12083%Marcin Gortat21183%James Harden15084%Rudy Gobert14685%Andre Drummond13685%Markieff Morris10285%Blake Griffin10286%Brook Lopez14986%Robin Lopez12387%Excluded players with less… Continue reading NBA’s Last Two Minutes: Pt. 1

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Mid-Range dead? Pickup always knew…

Kirk Goldsberry tweeted the below image (I added some notes on there) out a few days ago. (He is a great follow on Twitter and has some cool illustrations. He made a really cool map of the NBA's most important moments, players, etc. Anyway.) And it caught my attention. This image coupled with the "Steph… Continue reading Mid-Range dead? Pickup always knew…

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College Football’s Transfer Portal

The transfer portal has been transformative for college football. With the ease it has allowed high profile players like Jalen Hurts or Justin Fields to shine. It has also brought more pressure on coaches to give younger players playing time and meaningful minutes. It is not a reach to say that every player is now… Continue reading College Football’s Transfer Portal