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College Football’s Transfer Portal

The transfer portal has been transformative for college football. With the ease it has allowed high profile players like Jalen Hurts or Justin Fields to shine. It has also brought more pressure on coaches to give younger players playing time and meaningful minutes. It is not a reach to say that every player is now… Continue reading College Football’s Transfer Portal

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Are wins a QB stat? Tom, are they?

Consider for a moment that the only two team sports, baseball and football, allocate wins or losses to an individual player. That cannot be found in basketball, volleyball, water polo, soccer, cricket, lacrosse, hockey, and (most importantly) handball. Let me back track a bit, my first statement isn't technically true. Baseball is the only sport… Continue reading Are wins a QB stat? Tom, are they?

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BYU v Utah v Utah State Pt. II – Getting to the league

In the ever-ongoing quest to determine which schools is the best in Utah (BYU, Utah, Utah), I dive down into the depths of getting to the NFL. BUT before we dive down... it should be noted that BYU and Utah State will be the only schools to have alumni in the Super Bowl; both players… Continue reading BYU v Utah v Utah State Pt. II – Getting to the league