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Optional Costume Surprise Birthday Party

Halloween has come and gone. I am late in writing this story, but I am still vexed about it.The title of this blog post is confusing in of itself.Just before Halloween day I went to a surprise birthday party with my girl. The party was for a decent friend. I was actually surprised that I… Continue reading Optional Costume Surprise Birthday Party

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We have all tripped. You weren't expected the next stair-step to be that high. You didn't think that the tile floor would have a raised tile. You hadn't considered that a bunch of wet shoes would be lounging in the middle of a dark room. You weren't looking at where you were going, but your… Continue reading tripping

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I sweat when I am: nervous, in humidity, playing sports, shoveling, taking a test, working out, eating food, wearing too many jackets, sleeping, driving at high speeds, thinking about how I do not want to sweat, snowboarding, playing Xbox, etc. etc. (by etc. etc. I mean, you name an activity, I am probably sweating)There are… Continue reading S.W.E.A.T

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Something Interesting

I hate introducing myself. Whether it is in class, a group, a training session, church, or a new job, I hate it because the same question always comes up that stumps me (besides what are you going to do with your life) "Tell us something interesting about yourself." What kind of loaded question is this?… Continue reading Something Interesting