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Guard play is all you need…

March of the Guard First off, putting money into a March Madness bracket is basically putting your cash into a full horse power InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal. Secondly, for NCAAMB teams to win the national title, they need good guard play. Yes, there are exceptions, last year UNC proved that size and bigs (more… Continue reading Guard play is all you need…

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Kyle Kuzma is ballin’ out

Who is this guy? Kyle Kuzma is in the argument now of ROY due to his strong performance against the Rockets where he had a career high 38 points. That game should have put him over the edge. He was the best Laker on the court and for almost all of this year a godsend… Continue reading Kyle Kuzma is ballin’ out

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Missed Free Throws and High Fives

Its not that bad Previously I did a post on high fives after missed field goals. When I was drafting it up I thought of the NBA. You see it all the time - a player missed a free throw and he gets high fives from everyone. While it is called a free throw, I… Continue reading Missed Free Throws and High Fives

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Gordon Pt. II

Jazz nation, you are weeping right now that Gordon Hayward has left for the Celtics. I am not going to offer consoling words, just reality. Before I do, at least read¬†this,¬†Gordon's words. Secondly, I think even Gordon would concede that the announcement wasn't handled in the way he wanted. He planned a careful and respectful… Continue reading Gordon Pt. II