Be a man, michael j. fox


When I get down in the dumps, I just think of my boy Michael J. Fox. Ask me why. Go ahead, ask me. Because he is the man. See below.1. Great at pretending to play the guitar and singing. Which I wish I could do and get paid for it. Plus, he was so good at… Continue reading MJF

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business casual

I got an internship. I am pretty excited about. I am not excited about the dress code - biz casual. Business clothes are a little uncomfortable, but it is not that I mind that. What I mind is my inability to buy a shirt that fits me. I have never had to buy my own… Continue reading business casual

Be a man


I thought I would have someone tell me that I had lost my 'Man Card'. I thought I would fight agaisnt losing the card. I would put my foot down and say, "No, sir. I will not continue down this path." I did not expect that I would succumb slowly and subtly, and that one day… Continue reading Revocation

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when you leave me alone….

I try to pretend that I am a loner, like it somehow makes me stronger, but really, being a loner sucks. I tell myself and others that I am "independent," and that I don't "need" friends around me all the time. I couldn't be more wrong. Humans need other humans in their human lives. That's… Continue reading when you leave me alone….

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Uncle Dave-O

I have a nephew, Ethan, who I call  E-O. Without anyone telling him, he called me Dave-O right back. He is maybe four or five? Super smart kid, naturally funny, and he likes me-- a perfect candidate to become just like me. Puuurrfect.We were on a family hike near Provo, going to some falls, when I realized… Continue reading Uncle Dave-O