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The vacuum of comparison is -- living IN the San Francisco area (the peninsula)  Here is a list of Pros vs Cons:innovation and entrepreneurship vs horrible trafficthe beach vs living inlandwhere you want to live vs where you can afford to livefree thinking vs moralshome vs touristssun vs sunburns


San Mateo Check In

Hey. Sorry for the random thoughts. Sometimes its nice just to write down whats on my mind.So, I have committed to keeping the blog private - for a time once again. I guess I did it this time when I was searching for an MMA story and my blog was on the second page of… Continue reading San Mateo Check In



All, I know, you've missed me terribly and I have been a bad boy for not posting. I'm sorry. I wanted to give you some vernacular tips when talking to someone from California. Yes, I got a lesson about it. So, you should too.ALL Californians hate when you call California, Cali. I can appreciate that.… Continue reading HOLA!