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Done with school. It is a weird feeling. I don't know what to do with myself now. I am excited, don't get me wrong, it's just that I have been going to school since I was 5 or 6 (I went to an advanced learning course....). That is a long time. Methinks a long time.I… Continue reading Graduated

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The DREADED group project

Do you remember the first day of school? Your teacher said something like this, "So, for 40% of your grade, we are going to a group paper and presentation. That will be due at mid April. Which is plenty of time for you to get it done."ACTUALLY, it is plenty of time to forget and… Continue reading The DREADED group project

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the day I wore my fedora to school.

The fedora hat has been through quiet the journey. After a quick reading of Wikipedia, I have become an expert on the subject (and as someone who tried to add false information, and was banned for it, I know how serious the self governance is of Wiki's contributors).  I will just give you the highlights. It… Continue reading the day I wore my fedora to school.

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what i learned in marketing

airlines use a computer algorithm to raise prices every single day. they call it dynamic pricing and companies use it to stretch out every penny from consumers. there are people who don't like that, but have done something about it.the founders and creators of sold their first company to BING, which helps the search engine determine… Continue reading what i learned in marketing

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Free loaders

School is coming to an end. for some reason, I have two large group projects due this week. I have done my best to contribute and further my groups. It is a frustrating when people in your group just freeload. I hate it. Peer-reviews are good I guess, but I don't feel justice in the… Continue reading Free loaders