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high five’s

I've started a bad habit, excessive high fives. I don't know how or when I fell into this trap, but it has been hard to buck. It usually happens when I feel awkward. For example, when I don't know when to hug someone, I raise my hand and nod to them, begging them to put… Continue reading high five’s

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I had a friend who would leave notes on cars that were poorly parked. A typical note would go, "Nice parking job. Practice driving in straight," or "Horrible parking job. DOUCHE." The possibilities are endless.I have thought about doing this, but who has the time to hand write a note and then put it on… Continue reading Notes….

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Something Interesting

I hate introducing myself. Whether it is in class, a group, a training session, church, or a new job, I hate it because the same question always comes up that stumps me (besides what are you going to do with your life) "Tell us something interesting about yourself." What kind of loaded question is this?… Continue reading Something Interesting

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Jacked UP!

I watch a lot of sports. ESPN fills my TV watching...I see a lot of great plays and I've noticed a common trend among athletes. When they make a spectacular catch/dunk/hit/block/etc. they say either two things: A) "LET'S GO!" B) "**** Yeah. ******* ***** of ****."I can't blame them. I remember when we lowered the… Continue reading Jacked UP!


Head Nod.

Remember when the head nod was THE way to say hello. I think even girls were head nodding each other. "Sup". Then like all things, it went away. It was the perfect salutation. You could look at another person, without really knowing them, and give them that nod. You were saying, "If I knew you,… Continue reading Head Nod.