Keith Apricary. Not human.

I became obsessed with that guy from the last video I put up. I had to know if he was for real, or was this all an act; and if it was an act, where on earth did he come from? After about a minute on the google machine, thanks to Al Gore, I found… Continue reading Keith Apricary. Not human.

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Job Opening: Lip Sync Professional

I have seen an increase of music videos with people lip syncing. Its got me thinking, how did they get their start? Were they a back up in other videos, just an extra? Maybe they posted their own video on Youtube.... I dunno, if you do, lemme know. I think I could/want to do that.… Continue reading Job Opening: Lip Sync Professional

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You tell me whether these dudes are kidding, drunk, or both?http://embed.break.com/MjIxNzY5OA==Father And Son Perform "Take Me Home Tonight" - Watch MoreFunny VideosThe Father is a much better performer. If you can't last, which you should, skip to 2:18 when they really cut loose. I think the dad is droke... the son, I hope he is… Continue reading Droke