What is another $20 Million?

NBA players have been taking pay cuts for years to keep their team together. It has been praised for the most part and recently there have been a number of sports segments and articles written on this same topic. I came across the first video below on my twitter feed (tip of the cap @stevebowen12)… Continue reading What is another $20 Million?

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Potty Talk: Economics

Economists have won a noble peace prize for observing our everyday behavior, giving it definitions, and making assumptions why we act a certain way. These assumptions turn into theories and then are extrapolated to explain the world. They then get the awards.Let me give you an example of a theory that helped guys sell books… Continue reading Potty Talk: Economics

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Business, what is the point?

There is a fundamental argument of what the purpose, the end goal, of what business should be. Milton Friedman, a world renowned economist, said, "The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits," he also said that corporate executives have no other responsibility than to "make as much money for their stockholders as possible."… Continue reading Business, what is the point?

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Welcome to hell: day one

I made a reminder in my phone about this day several weeks ago. Selling alarms. In just four hours of knocking doors I had this thought, "there has to be an easier way." I waited for some kind of intuition, but nothing came. No moment of zen, enlightenment, or epiphany. I realized that I have… Continue reading Welcome to hell: day one

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Bums… they’ve got it all wrong.

You and I are blessed. We are blessed to be healthy. We are blessed to not be on the street. But mostly, we are lucky to have polite bums. Of course you feel bad as you walk/drive past them, as they are holding their crude looking cardboard sign; but it's notĀ feasibleĀ to help all of them… Continue reading Bums… they’ve got it all wrong.