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Missed Free Throws and High Fives

Its not that bad Previously I did a post on high fives after missed field goals. When I was drafting it up I thought of the NBA. You see it all the time - a player missed a free throw and he gets high fives from everyone. While it is called a free throw, I… Continue reading Missed Free Throws and High Fives

Margin of victory for 2016 NFL season
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Kicker missed a field goal? No problem, give everyone on the special teams a high five

Next time you see a kicker high five after missing a field goal, you should harass them on social media to no end.

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high five’s

I've started a bad habit, excessive high fives. I don't know how or when I fell into this trap, but it has been hard to buck. It usually happens when I feel awkward. For example, when I don't know when to hug someone, I raise my hand and nod to them, begging them to put… Continue reading high five’s