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Are wins a QB stat? Tom, are they?

Consider for a moment that the only two team sports, baseball and football, allocate wins or losses to an individual player. That cannot be found in basketball, volleyball, water polo, soccer, cricket, lacrosse, hockey, and (most importantly) handball. Let me back track a bit, my first statement isn't technically true. Baseball is the only sport… Continue reading Are wins a QB stat? Tom, are they?

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Does Nick Saban hate kickers?

...happiest I've ever been in my life... CFP, BCS, it doesn't matter. Nick Saban has figured out how to get his team into championship game and win - four of the last eight championships belong to his Crimson Tide. And Saban has six total championships, tying the all time record. Amazing. Let me hit… Continue reading Does Nick Saban hate kickers?