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Kobe ‘Bean’ Bryant

I have been a fan of Kobe Bryant for most of his illustrious career. I have to thank my older brothers for turning me on to him. I have loved watching him play. He made me a believer in the NBA and the Lakers. I love his drive, his will to win, his style of… Continue reading Kobe ‘Bean’ Bryant

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It’s an orange ball.

I read this article the other day on ESPN.com, mostly because the link inferred that Kobe Bryant is overrated, that talked about 'Hero Ball'. Mr. Abbott, the author of said article, doesn't tell us anything that we don't already know; team work wins-- the majority of the time. He blames Michael Jordan for 'Hero Ball',… Continue reading It’s an orange ball.

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Finest of LA. #Kobesystem

I love those men in purple and gold. From Kobe with the 'fro to the ever graceful Metta World Peace. Here are some of the greatest moments of Laker men, that I have seen, and some sweet Kobe vids.I love you Kobe. I love you SO much.

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when we get the NBA back, we need latin announcers.

Watch. Understand. Believe.We need this kind of commentating.I mean, seriously. Who cares what sport they are watching, they should commentate on our lives.