The Grinch who stole the NBA

I've waited in anticipation for months for the NBA to be "back," and even now, I wonder if it will ever be the same. I doubt it will. With the lockout and the current antics, that commissioner David Stern is involved in, prove that the NBA is in serious peril.Stern certainly talked the talk during… Continue reading The Grinch who stole the NBA

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The Celtics

I hate the friggin Celtics. Maybe b/c everyone in Utah is loving on them right now. But I am about ready to blow a lid. First of all they all act like they have chips on their shoulders. Like life is so tough for them. I guarantee you'll see KG, Ray Ray, Paul Pierce, and… Continue reading The Celtics

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Jazz Fans

The Lakers have once again entered into the NBA finals. As this glorious event transpired, I realized that once again the Jazz fans will have to wait another year to get beat again. I really cannot wait for next year to be here. My goal is to be at the La game in SLC, sporting… Continue reading Jazz Fans