The Price of “Passion” FIRED UP The other night, LeBron was ejected for the first time in his professional career. Which is kind of surprising due to the fact he's played an entire lifetime. Most technicals and ejections result from a player's "passion", right, they get so fired up they come after the ref...or so that is the… Continue reading The Price of “Passion”

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"I hate LeBron James"

As I have┬ápreviously pointed out, and it should be rather obvious, LeBron James is the best basketball player on the face of the earth right now. I don't think its even close. I am not going to try to convince you of that. Arguing some topics in sports fall into the realm of disagreements that… Continue reading "I hate LeBron James"

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I wished I had a super cool name. One that has a real kick to it, like Roberto Luongo, Mason McGinnis, or Xavier Carter. I wished that until I watched the documentary "Freakonomics". They did this study that showed that the more unique your name is or culturally charged, the less likely you'll get a… Continue reading Pfffffttttt

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Why are you the villain?

If I could speak to LeBron, if I had just five solid minutes with him, where he would answer any of my questions and was real with me, I think I'd ask him one thing; how do you do it? He of course would wonder what I was referring to. He'd probably assume I was… Continue reading Why are you the villain?