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Buying Furniture

Phase I: IdeasExcessive use of Pintrest, watching HGTV, and following bloggers. This is where the idea of what you want in your home will come from. This phase can last for months or even years and can overlap the other phases of buying. Phase II: HuntingThe internet promises cheap prices for just what you want, however, you must… Continue reading Buying Furniture

life lessons

Goal Setting

S.M.A.R.TS - specificM - measurableA - accountableR - realisticT - time boundSMART goals...This acronym is supposed to help you come up with and set quality goals. It's useful, if you like attaining goals.Here is one of my goals - I want to lose 10 pounds by the end of the year. I am going to… Continue reading Goal Setting

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Being a Dad

“What is it like being a dad?”I get that question or some version of that question fairly often. I am a brand new father and it is easy for someone to talk to me about it. Even if they don’t know me, it’s fair game. I get why people ask. Its as if I just… Continue reading Being a Dad

life lessons

Going from a L to an XL

I'm not gaining crazy amounts of weight. They are just slowly coming on. A little .3 there and a .004 in the morning, followed by a .1 in the night. Additionally, I have always had the frame for an XL shirt, but preferred to buy L because I never knew what an XL felt like...… Continue reading Going from a L to an XL

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They’re not smarter than you

Over a year ago, I was worried that I wouldn't get an internship. I was interviewing for a competitive position at a well known financial reporting company in San Francisco. I had some relevant experience, but I still felt like I was on the outsider looking in. I was competing against students from top-tiered schools… Continue reading They’re not smarter than you