The curious case of Taysom Tebow

Bear Grylls has a Netflix show out, "You vs. Wild", that is not too different from the show that made him famous. It is an interactive show, where viewers can decide his fate by choosing the path on a quest of survival (now you can help him not drink his own urine). For example, in… Continue reading The curious case of Taysom Tebow


Is Jerry Right? Agreed, Jason Romano, it is ironic, but it is also not the same game anymore... or was it ever that important to have the leading rusher? From 1969 there has only been four times when the rushing champ was on the championship team. Emmitt Smith did it three times, 1992, 1993, and 1995. The… Continue reading Is Jerry Right?


For the top NFL prospects, the less film, the better…

Playing professional sports is ridiculously hard. Equal to that challenge is getting a chance to play. So finding the easiest path to the league, show, etc is the best route. This is true in the NFL, where the top prospects should hope for a fantastic season going into their eligibility and then go Pro. I… Continue reading For the top NFL prospects, the less film, the better…

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NFL Nicknames

Birds are better than humans, but how do you think cats do. Over the past 10 years data has been collected to find out what NFL nickname truly matters.