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The power of social media

Clapping back In case you haven't been paying attention, Kevin Durant is one of the greatest basketball players on the earth right now. He also can't ignore the noise or criticism of his basketball decisions. A few nights ago KD responded to an average twitter follower. Screenshot were grabbed and conspiracy theories were formed. He… Continue reading The power of social media

Margin of victory for 2016 NFL season
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Kicker missed a field goal? No problem, give everyone on the special teams a high five

Next time you see a kicker high five after missing a field goal, you should harass them on social media to no end.


Predicting the Success of a QB

A significant amount of time and money is spent on the NFL draft. If you watch any ESPN after college football is over you undoubtedly know the names: Todd McShay and Mel Kiper. For a long time I thought they were the same person. Always together on TV. "Hi! My name is Todd McShay and… Continue reading Predicting the Success of a QB

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Dad Bod and BMI

Having seen my favorite former NBA basketball player Kobe put on some pounds, it made me think of the outdated and antiquated Body Measurement Index. I found an article from the Post answering the question, "Do you have a dad bod?". There is a quick little flow chart of yes/no questions, but the crux of… Continue reading Dad Bod and BMI

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Polarizing Sports Figures

Sports dominate so much of my time. I love sports and am a huge fan of the athletes that entertain. The athletes god-given ability, trained skill, luck, and evident dedication to a singular sport is inspiring to me. I can often forget that these athletes are humans, with greater ambition and influence than almost all… Continue reading Polarizing Sports Figures