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She Dragon.

There was this girl the other day, on campus, who had an extreme amount of eyeshadow. It was so bright, that I almost mistook her face for a neon sign. Too much of a good thing can be bad, and in this case, it was. She had the Dragon eyes; which is a red flag.… Continue reading She Dragon.

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Test of Sanity.

Everyone is a little crazy. We all have that breaking point; the one where you have drool coming out of your mouth, eyebrows crushing down on your eyes, and you are making some sounds that belong only in a roller derby game. I am coming close to that point. His name is Josh.I've had my… Continue reading Test of Sanity.

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Uncle Dave-O

I have a nephew, Ethan, who I call  E-O. Without anyone telling him, he called me Dave-O right back. He is maybe four or five? Super smart kid, naturally funny, and he likes me-- a perfect candidate to become just like me. Puuurrfect.We were on a family hike near Provo, going to some falls, when I realized… Continue reading Uncle Dave-O

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I will be overweight. Probably.

As I chewed, I relished the bits of black cookie. I glanced into the rear view mirror, noticed the edges of my mouth surrounded with my leftovers, and knew that I could be come a victim. My eyes tried to lie, but like any criminal, I finally got caught. I have F.P.; you know, fat… Continue reading I will be overweight. Probably.