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Being a Dad

“What is it like being a dad?”I get that question or some version of that question fairly often. I am a brand new father and it is easy for someone to talk to me about it. Even if they don’t know me, it’s fair game. I get why people ask. Its as if I just… Continue reading Being a Dad


To my daughter

I have never loved someone instantly before seeing you. I became the cliche dad in about two seconds. I couldn't quit taking pictures of you. I giggled with glee at even the slightest movements you made. You were born perfect to me. I felt so lucky to have you.I must admit, as perfect you are,… Continue reading To my daughter


Baby, you’ve changed me

Having a child changes things. In fact, you could say it changes everything. Suddenly, the purpose of a parent’s life to keep this new human alive, where prior to having a baby, the “parent” wasn’t described as a parent. That was not a title he/she was given. They were just a man or woman. They… Continue reading Baby, you’ve changed me