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Three Sacred Cows…. Er FOUR now

Ever since you were little, you've been told some things that are not true. Here is a list. Hopefully it rocks your world.1)Dinosaurs were dumb and had brains the size of peas. They are comparable in size to the EQ ratio (body size to brain size) that is found in reptiles today and it can… Continue reading Three Sacred Cows…. Er FOUR now

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I had a friend who would leave notes on cars that were poorly parked. A typical note would go, "Nice parking job. Practice driving in straight," or "Horrible parking job. DOUCHE." The possibilities are endless.I have thought about doing this, but who has the time to hand write a note and then put it on… Continue reading Notes….

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We have all tripped. You weren't expected the next stair-step to be that high. You didn't think that the tile floor would have a raised tile. You hadn't considered that a bunch of wet shoes would be lounging in the middle of a dark room. You weren't looking at where you were going, but your… Continue reading tripping

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Choose for Yourself

I was sitting in the library this afternoon. I was in a corner, kind of alone. I had homework to do, but I started to day dream. My thoughts somehow cycled through getting a career, sports, a fun game of the month, to what type of animal I would want to be. Then I thought… Continue reading Choose for Yourself