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The argument that has the potential to end any relationship

Person 1: Where do you want to eat?Person 2: I don't care. You choose?P1: Okay. Lets go to _______?P2: (Hesitation in the voice) Uh, I'm not feeling that.P1: Okay... (frustrated as Person 2 stated they didn't care). How about ________?P2: Hmmm.This could go on and on:No you choose.I don't know.I don't care.Seems like you don't… Continue reading The argument that has the potential to end any relationship

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Wedding Plans Pt. I

I foresee a few of these posts upcoming. Just a fair warning.Engagements are a bigger deal than I ever realized. I now know that there are few things in life (or at least in my short life) that is more important than that day. It has to be perfect. Bad lighting, forgetting to bring your… Continue reading Wedding Plans Pt. I


make sure she remembers…

The one piece of advise I was told over and over, when I would tell people I was going to ask Liz to marry me, was to make sure she would remember how I did it -- that it would be a great story. There are plenty of ways to make it memorable. I could've… Continue reading make sure she remembers…

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Girlfriend = Good Lift @ Gym

I swore I would never work out with my girlfriend at the gym. I wouldn't mind running next to her, but there was no way we were going to do heavy lifting together. I thought those dudes were lame - Hey babe, take that 25 off and put on two 45's. Changing the weights every… Continue reading Girlfriend = Good Lift @ Gym

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Happy Valentine’s Day.

Last V-day, I was.... what was I doing? Cant remember; pretty memorable day. This is the third post in a month, revolving around women and love. Sorry, its Februany, I got the love bug.So, in order to make this V-day memorable, and in honor of this "give me a thoughtful 'I LOVE you' gift" day,… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day.