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Sports prediction is an obsession

Signs of Times Recently at work we have been predicting the final scores for upcoming college games for pride. I have been the closest two weeks running, but I have to say that the obsession around predicting a sports outcome is about as stupid as predicting when end of the world is going to happen.… Continue reading Sports prediction is an obsession

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Polarizing Sports Figures

Sports dominate so much of my time. I love sports and am a huge fan of the athletes that entertain. The athletes god-given ability, trained skill, luck, and evident dedication to a singular sport is inspiring to me. I can often forget that these athletes are humans, with greater ambition and influence than almost all… Continue reading Polarizing Sports Figures

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Dan Patrick

In the mornings I listen to ESPN 700. Colin Cowherd is on. He is pretty obnoxious. But in the afternoon, if I am lucky, I catch my boy DP. The man is so good. Give him a listen. He gets quality people on his show.