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Are wins a QB stat? Tom, are they?

Consider for a moment that the only two team sports, baseball and football, allocate wins or losses to an individual player. That cannot be found in basketball, volleyball, water polo, soccer, cricket, lacrosse, hockey, and (most importantly) handball. Let me back track a bit, my first statement isn't technically true. Baseball is the only sport… Continue reading Are wins a QB stat? Tom, are they?

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Serena: A brief video history of how we got here Okay. Let's maybe start at the beginning, then jump forward a lot, make some general assumptions, and then let's get to match that led to this press conference. There is going to be a lot of videos. Watch em. Serena. I think its really interesting to watch the story of Serena through video. And… Continue reading Serena: A brief video history of how we got here

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Ranking College Football Rankings

Look, before we get started on this post, I want to say two things: (1) I have never had so much apathy for college football in my life. I don't know what happened to me. Someone, please, shake me from this slumber! (2) Really, the rankings should only be for the top five teams. Who cares… Continue reading Ranking College Football Rankings

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Sports prediction is an obsession

Signs of Times Recently at work we have been predicting the final scores for upcoming college games for pride. I have been the closest two weeks running, but I have to say that the obsession around predicting a sports outcome is about as stupid as predicting when end of the world is going to happen.… Continue reading Sports prediction is an obsession