Fueling Championships – Five Stars

This is a historic post. For the first time ever, I am using the analysis of a friend. That friend is Steve. He emailed me the other day (that is how you know you're officially old, your friends email you and say stuff like, "please see attached" or "be advised") about this segment he heard… Continue reading Fueling Championships – Five Stars

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BYU v Utah: what this rivalry means

It's rivalry week and one that I look forward to every year, with somewhat measured enthusiasm. The rivalry means something to me, 100% and I will not pretend it doesn't. I grew up a Cougar, but became a Ute. Its a unique position to know what the other side feels. This game is personal for… Continue reading BYU v Utah: what this rivalry means


Paradigms and Realities

👨"He may be a waste of talent... That is the first time I said that."👷"What?! He is the greatest player on the planet!"👨"What do you mean greatest? That could mean a lot of things... best statistically? That's James Harden. Most valuable player? That's.."👷"That you would choose him to start your team with. That he is… Continue reading Paradigms and Realities