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Nasty Encounter

The story I am about to share actually happened. I hope I can convey it in such a way that you feel that you were there and were apart of it. Time: 10:47 pm. Location: just out side of the Mariott Library, on the University of Utah campus. I walk outside. It is bitter cold.… Continue reading Nasty Encounter

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She Dragon.

There was this girl the other day, on campus, who had an extreme amount of eyeshadow. It was so bright, that I almost mistook her face for a neon sign. Too much of a good thing can be bad, and in this case, it was. She had the Dragon eyes; which is a red flag.… Continue reading She Dragon.

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Oops… I did it again.

During my freshman year of college, I dated this girl name Melissa. We had a lot of fun together. I really liked her. She was a really cool girl, but I had a problem with her. I just could not keep her name straight...Right before Melissa I dated Michelle. We didn't date that long, at… Continue reading Oops… I did it again.

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Supress the Sleepness.

I recently woke up in the back of car and thought to myself, this isn't happening. I am in some kind of movie. Or a sick dream. Fallon is about seven and half hours away from Cedar City, depending on who is driving. It is a journey, and when you are in a two door… Continue reading Supress the Sleepness.

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The Moments

Everyday we are placed in an array of situations. As humans we are all about moments. We look forward to certain moments in our life that we know will raise the hair on our skin. We also know there will be moments that make our stomach feel like it has a crazed monkey inside of… Continue reading The Moments