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wanna feel dumb? leave your wallet when you are taking a date to eat. wanna feel even more stupid? leave your wallet again, when you take the same girl to lunch. promise, you'll know what it means to make a zero move. This song, however, is not a zero. It is contributing. I like to… Continue reading SMOOVE.

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Music that TRANSCENDS through the ages… and always will.

Does this song sound familiar? That's because it is. Ever seen Space Jam? Yeah. The greatest soundtrack of all time. Take the time to listen to those tunes.I heard O.P.P., by Naughty by Nature during the super bowl, so of course I came home and YouTubed it. Which took me down the rabbit hole. I… Continue reading Music that TRANSCENDS through the ages… and always will.

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Day of Advent

Everyone loves an underdog. What makes it so inspirational is that they beat the odds despite their inadequacies. The underdog never quite matches up. On paper they don't even compare. Think George Mason   in 2006, Matt Saracen, Susan Boyle, Lone Survivor, Jesse Ventura, the Utah Jazz, Justin Bieber, Ricky Martin, Kanye, Channing Tatum, David and Goliath,… Continue reading Day of Advent


Washed up.

I am washed up. I am a has-been.The moment of zen, when I came to this realization, was when I was eating from a Styrofoam container, that came from my own garbage can. This discarded Thai food was more glorious than a Sunday dinner at the White House. But nonetheless, I had hit an all time… Continue reading Washed up.