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Serena: A brief video history of how we got here Okay. Let's maybe start at the beginning, then jump forward a lot, make some general assumptions, and then let's get to match that led to this press conference. There is going to be a lot of videos. Watch em. Serena. I think its really interesting to watch the story of Serena through video. And… Continue reading Serena: A brief video history of how we got here

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Nasty Encounter

The story I am about to share actually happened. I hope I can convey it in such a way that you feel that you were there and were apart of it. Time: 10:47 pm. Location: just out side of the Mariott Library, on the University of Utah campus. I walk outside. It is bitter cold.… Continue reading Nasty Encounter

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Happy Valentine’s Day.

Last V-day, I was.... what was I doing? Cant remember; pretty memorable day. This is the third post in a month, revolving around women and love. Sorry, its Februany, I got the love bug.So, in order to make this V-day memorable, and in honor of this "give me a thoughtful 'I LOVE you' gift" day,… Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Red Flags

After I wrote my previous post, it got me thinking that I need to add dragon eyes to my mental list of red flags. I have the basic ones, her family, how she chews her gum, if she is a 'yeller' or 'thrower', laugh and humor, favorite movie, and finally, if she spells her name with a "i", when… Continue reading Red Flags

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She Dragon.

There was this girl the other day, on campus, who had an extreme amount of eyeshadow. It was so bright, that I almost mistook her face for a neon sign. Too much of a good thing can be bad, and in this case, it was. She had the Dragon eyes; which is a red flag.… Continue reading She Dragon.