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Football News… In April?

The NFL is the best league (Players do not run this league, notice how they played a full season, nothing was shortened. Besides training camp.). Their commissioner, Roger Goodell, is savvy as he is cutthroat. Goodell understands his market, the consumer, and what America wants. That is why he has contracted Nike to make the… Continue reading Football News… In April?

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when you leave me alone….

I try to pretend that I am a loner, like it somehow makes me stronger, but really, being a loner sucks. I tell myself and others that I am "independent," and that I don't "need" friends around me all the time. I couldn't be more wrong. Humans need other humans in their human lives. That's… Continue reading when you leave me alone….

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Day of Advent

Everyone loves an underdog. What makes it so inspirational is that they beat the odds despite their inadequacies. The underdog never quite matches up. On paper they don't even compare. Think George Mason   in 2006, Matt Saracen, Susan Boyle, Lone Survivor, Jesse Ventura, the Utah Jazz, Justin Bieber, Ricky Martin, Kanye, Channing Tatum, David and Goliath,… Continue reading Day of Advent