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Guard play is all you need…

March of the Guard First off, putting money into a March Madness bracket is basically putting your cash into a full horse power InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposal. Secondly, for NCAAMB teams to win the national title, they need good guard play. Yes, there are exceptions, last year UNC proved that size and bigs (more… Continue reading Guard play is all you need…


Does James Harden really get to the FT too much?

I am not a fan of James Harden, but maintain an agnostic position on him. There is more to like about him than to dislike.... with a beard like he has, I feel you deserve some love. He is obviously extremely gifted (duh) and is likely an MVP candidate this year; He is averaging a… Continue reading Does James Harden really get to the FT too much?


The Games For The Few

By Invitation Only Several years ago I was living in the Bay area and it was the first time in my life that I got what is infamously known as a "California Invite". A guy from church invited me to surf with him for an upcoming the weekend. He had some snobby name, like Grant… Continue reading The Games For The Few

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Does Nick Saban hate kickers?

...happiest I've ever been in my life... CFP, BCS, it doesn't matter. Nick Saban has figured out how to get his team into championship game and win - four of the last eight championships belong to his Crimson Tide. And Saban has six total championships, tying the all time record. Amazing. Let me hit… Continue reading Does Nick Saban hate kickers?


The Wild Winter Olympics

We are close to one of the more interesting Olympics due to several, mostly geopolitical, factors, and also, German dominance. 1. Banned Russia, one of the more dominate countries in the Games (top five in medal count total over the past six Olympics), has been banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.… Continue reading The Wild Winter Olympics