The Mandalorian

My love for Westerns and Sci-Fi is perfectly balances in The Mandalorian. During the first season I decided that I would keep some stats, namely kills, of the Mando, Din Djarin. Below are the stats from season one. The kills counted as confirmed kills.

Season 1

Chapter 1

We see quickly that Din is not someone to be trifled with and also has impeccable timing; from saving his potential bounty from being gutted in the bar to shooting the door to close on the Trawler. He is a man of few words and relies on the element of surprise in his work. The body count in this episode is a season high and is matched in Chapter 3. Finally, we see the second quickest kill; Chapter 5 has the quickest at 2:21 mark.

  • Total Kills: 22
  • Kills Per Min: 0.61
  • First Kill Minute Mark: 2:30
  • Solo: 3
  • Assisted: 19
  • Kill Streak: 10 – Laser Cannon
  • Killing Spree: Rampage
  • Multi-Kills: Double Kill
  • Times Mando is Shot: 2

Chapter 2: The Child

We again see that Din is a great hand to hand combatant in his fight with the Trandoshans, but is a desperado as he chases the Jawas by foot with baby Yoda at the heel. His confidence in himself and tools are evident as he expertly uses is Amban rifle to incinerate a Trandoshan and some Jawas.

  • Total Kills: 7
  • Kills Per Min: 0.24
  • First Kill Minute Mark: 3:23
  • Solo: 6
  • Assisted: 1
  • Kill Streak: 2 – Amban
  • Killing Spree: Killing Spree
  • Multi-Kills: None
  • Times Mando is Shot: 0

Chapter 3: The Sin

Our Mando sacrifices not only his life, but one of his people by saving baby Yoda. We wait 20 minutes to see our first kill, the second longest of the season, but then we see him viscously take down the Storm Troopers disposing almost every tool he has access to. The Mandalorians also provide a much needed lift for Din and baby Yoda’s escape.

  • Total Kills: 22
  • Kills Per Min: 0.65
  • First Kill Minute Mark: 20:48
  • Solo: 22
  • Assisted: 0
  • Kill Streak: 6 – Blaster
  • Killing Spree: Rampage
  • Multi-Kills: None
  • Times Mando is Shot: 1

Chapter 4: Sanctuary

Cowboys need partners and Din fights an eventual and abled ally in Cara Dune. The former Rebel shock trooper becomes a mainstay of the series and we should see her in season 2. This episode also shows more of the humanity of Din when elects to help the agrarian people of Sorgan. However, a timer bomb placed by Din and Dune at the Klatoonians base provides a devastating blow and results in the seasons most enemies killed in a blink of an eye at more than nine.

  • Total Kills: 19
  • Kills Per Min: 0.53
  • First Kill Minute Mark: 24:11
  • Solo: 0
  • Assisted: 19
  • Kill Streak: 10 – Bomb
  • Killing Spree: Running Riot
  • Multi-Kills: Killpocalypse
  • Times Mando is Shot: 0

Chapter 5: The Gunslinger

A season’s low of only two kills in this episode is due to the chess match of Din helping a young gunslinger try to earn his wings by taking down an assassin for bounty. Din shows an ability to create advantages on the fly and precise shooting. He is lucky to be alive after this episode as he is shot a season hight five times.

  • Total Kills: 2
  • Kills Per Min: 0.07
  • First Kill Minute Mark: 2:21
  • Solo: 1
  • Assisted: 1
  • Kill Streak: 0
  • Killing Spree: None
  • Multi-Kills: None
  • Times Mando is Shot: 3

Chapter 6: The Prisoner

Seeing the crew that Din ran with prior to his life or maybe even during his gild days brought you deeper into his duality. These were harden criminals and his past love interest Xi’ scared me to death. I wonder how that break up went… Anyway, this episode’s kill count is a little weird as there was only droids. However, given that droids in the Star Wars universe have human like characteristic and decision making it feels right to count them.

  • Total Kills: 8
  • Kills Per Min: 0.22
  • First Kill Minute Mark: 17:31
  • Solo: 0
  • Assisted: 8
  • Kill Streak: 2 – Blaster
  • Killing Spree: Killing Spree
  • Multi-Kills: Double Kill
  • Times Mando is Shot: 5

Chapter 7: The Reckoning

The single episode without Din taking a life. It was all setting up for the last episode. The Child’s power wow’s Greef Karga, but while that is heartwarming, we lose Kuiil. A really heartbreaking moment in the season.

Chapter 8: Redemption

I anticipated a much higher kill count for Din, but this episode showed the heroism of IG-11 and provided a healing opportunity for Din. It was a fantastic season finale as

  • Total Kills: 15
  • Kills Per Min: 0.38
  • First Kill Minute Mark: 16:41
  • Solo: 0
  • Assisted: 15
  • Kill Streak: 5 – E-Web
  • Killing Spree: Running Riot
  • Multi-Kills: Killtacular
  • Times Mando is Shot: 3


  • Solo Kills: 32
  • Assisted: 63
  • Tota Kills: 95
  • Per Min: 0.34
  • Average Kills: 11.88

** Kill Steaks and Multi Kills based on Halo 1 definitions.